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Confederation of Clubs

The information contained herein is not a mandate from Calvary Riders. However, some areas are more political than others with regards to starting a new chapter, so you need to do your homework first! Some members have learned these things the hard way, so we are making this information available in hopes to avoid any conflict.

Before starting a chapter in your area, it may be necessary to make contact with the dominant Motorcycle Club (MC) first. We recommend this to avoid any possible issues that could arise.

The dominant MC in that area will discuss with you the proper format to address any potential conflicts. This is the proper way of directing chapter growth, and is respectful to the MCs that are already established in that area.

Below is a link to the list of State Confederation of Clubs (COC) to help you get started. Make your contact thru the COC Liaison for your area and advise them that you wish to meet with them to discuss starting a chapter for an already established motorcycle ministry. Follow the chain of command! After corresponding, the COC may direct you to the dominant MC for your area, or continue to discuss the issue with you directly.

If there is no COC for your state, you can easily find out who the dominate MC in your area is by inquiring at your local motorcycle shops.

This can be a very political process in some states. Being that this is a motorcycle ministry and not a motorcycle club, they most likely will show a great deal of leniency. However, in some states this may be a difficult process. Please don't let this detour your efforts in attempting to start a chapter for your area.

Before you start this process, you'll need a plan that you can bring to the dominant club to show them what this outreach ministry is all about. If you are approved for a meeting -- don't be late! It is recommended to have more than one person attend the local COC meeting. Be well prepared and bring copies of the Chapter Charter, the one-piece back patch, what the patch represents, information from the web site, etc. The more prepared you are the better the meeting will go. They will want to visibly see the patch and information. Be open and honest - answer all questions truthfully! If you don't know the answer to a question then explain that you don't have the answer at that moment, but that you will get the answer to them as soon as possible. If you say you are going to do this, then you need to make sure that you follow through with the promise. This will show credibility and respect.

The COC will advise you on the naming of your chapter. Since they consider motorcycle ministries ‘Citizen Groups’, they will typically have no major issues with us. Just be careful what name you choose. Here are some common names that should be avoided: Angels, Iron, Horsemen, Knights, Trespassers, Trojans, Brigade, Warriors, Southern, Wheel, Grim, Reapers, Outlaws, Jokers/Joker, Breed, Omega, Alpha, Veteran, and Pagans. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, so you will need to discuss the Chapter name further with your local COC. Some states are more territorial than others and there may be some leniency, but it is just best to avoid these names all together.

RESPECT is the key in the biker world. Be careful of what you say and do, and do what you say you will do.

If you have questions about this or need some guidance please use our Contact Us page.