Is Calvary Riders Motorcycle Ministry something that might interest you? Would you like to get involved?

In order to become a Calvary Riders Motorcycle Ministry member, you must be Born Again -- having accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and confess that He alone offers us salvation for our sins.

We also require a "hang around" period to see if you are worthy of wearing the ministry patch. God knows your heart. God has made it easy for us to receive salvation and we at Calvary Riders in turn want to make it easy for you to serve God. However, that doesn't mean that our membership process is laissez-faire. During this hang around period, prospective members must prove to have an understanding that salvation is totally an act of God’s grace that is accessed through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That no person can be good enough to earn salvation, and “being good” does not contribute to receiving God’s love and favor (Ephesians 2:8, 13). Prospective members must also show that they can exercise a conscious effort to dedicate time to the ministry and give us confidence that they will project the image of the ministry in an appropriate manner.

If you think you are ready to become a member, we want you to pray about the commitment that involves being a member. We also want you to seek the counsel of your local pastor. Calvary Riders is more than just a ride group - it is an outreach ministry.