Equip Questions for the Believer

Questions for the Believer

Jesus did not lay ahold of us to allow us to stay the same and selfish!!

How can you answer these questions?

  • Have I ever consciously acknowledged Christ’s ownership of my life?

  • Are there compartments of my life in which I reserve the right to exercise control?

  • Do I live with the constant realization that all my time belongs to God?

  • Am I squandering time with meaningless, useless entertainment?

  • Do I become impatient and resentful when others make demands on my time?

  • Do the words of my mouth back up my claim of surrender to God?

  • Before I speak, do I ask God what to say?

  • Do I treat possessions as mine rather than God’s?

  • Am I content or covetous?

  • Do I give sacrificially and gladly to the work of God?

  • Am I allowing anything other than Christ to control my emotions?

  • Do I guard the entrance to my mind, bringing every thought into captivity?